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Email Marketing Mistakes

November 17, 2011

Email marketing is a subject that has come under close scrutiny in recent times. There are many business owners who believe that email marketing of any type is beneficial. However this is not true. There are many mistakes that can be made in Email marketing.

First is using a spammy headline. Examples such as “Buy now,” “Get rich today” or other similar themes are one way to make sure that the recipient does not open your email.

A second mistake that is commonly made in email marketing is misspelling words or making gramatical errors. Nothing takes away a company’s credibility more than opening an email from them to find that it is full of mistakes. This is true in any advertising but particularly in email marketing where the customer often veiws the email as a personal appeal.

A third common mistake is not having a call to action in an email. If you are sending out an email to clients and there is no action that you want the client to take you are missing out on an opportunity. Always make sure that there is something for the email recipient to do, whether it is signing up for an event or clicking on a link to get additional information.

Fourth is buying your email list. It may seem like a good idea to buy a list that has thousands of email addresses on it but that are definite drawbacks. First off, this makes you a spammer because you do not have the permission of the recipients to use their addresses. You also do not have the quality of recipients that you would have if the list was generated organically through your business dealings with customers.

In my opinion, all of these mistakes pale in comparison to emailing without permission. This can oftebn happen when other mistakes such as buying an email list are made. The liklihood that consumers will open an email from an unknown sender is low. These emails also often end up going right into the junk folder. When I receive an email from a company that I would not like communicating with me there is very little chance I will read it. Furthermore, it is unlikely that I would be interested in supporting this company and will often block any further emails from this organization.


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