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Increasing your Twitter Efficiency!

September 29, 2011

Twitter has become one of the most important online social media. It is an effective way to share information and get a message across. However, if a twitter account does not have many followers it become difficult to get ones message across. There are many techniques or tools that can be used to ensure that ones twitter experience is as effective and rewarding as possible.

The first tool I researched, an app called Buffer, allows you to enter several tweets at once and then have them tweeted at points throughout the day that you choose. For example, if I found five different things I wanted to tweet but did not want to spam my followers all at once I could add them to my Buffer and have the app spread the tweets out throughout the day. One of the most interesting aspects of Buffer is that it gives a full analytical breakdown of the tweets that it posts.  If I posted with Buffer I could see how many people see my tweets, how many reply and how many re-tweet. I could also see a historical analysis to see what tweets are reaching the most people and having the greatest impact. This is a handy tool because it not only allows you to keep from flooding your followers with multiple tweets in a short period of time it also allows for an informative analysis of your tweets. Buffer is definitely a tool that would allow for a mroe effective and efficient twitter experience.

A second tool for twitter users is Tweetstats. Tweestats allows you to take a more in depth analytical look at your tweets than Buffer will. First of all you can see a tweet timeline that shows when you tweet and whether it is a re-tweet or if it gets a reply. This can be displayed in a graphic format or in text. You can also view your tweet density to see what time of what day you are tweeting most and also who you regularly re-tweet. Tweetstats also can show your most commonly used words/abbreviations when you tweet (mine are: rt, phones, twitter, recognition and ultimately). Tweet stats also allows you to track your followers and new followers.

Tweetstats used in conjunction with Buffer will give twitter users an in depth view of who is following them, re-tweeting them and when their followers are online. With buffer you will also be able to tweet at these times even if you do not directly have access to a computer or mobile device. These two tools will allow twitter users to be more efficient with their tweeting and elicit a greater response from their followers.

Here is my personal twitter accounts tweetstats page.



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